#Throwback | Nyameko

21 Apr


This is Nyameko. He’s a tumpeterAmong many things. He played in the band Impande Core, now-defunct. He’s also jammed with M.anifest when he was in South Africa, and he’s the only other person I know of besides myself whose passion for hats matches the range of merchandise he possesses. Namanje!

The Largest Collection Of Images Ever!

21 Apr

ntone and percy

I was joking to self — or to someone, can’t recall — sometime ago about how I’m secretly amassing the largest collection of black contemporary writers like…ever!

This picture of writers Ntone Edjabe and Percy Mabandu, taken 20th September 2013, was kinda what sparked it all. I’m still in on the ‘joke’ and shall be publishing more portraits. In time, maybe the goal shall be achieved — in some section of the world, maybe.

We’re allowed to dream, right?

*Percy’s got a book called “Yakhal’inkomo: Portrait Of A Jazz Classic” coming out soon. Like the facebook page. 


17 Apr


It’s a place I call home. The people whose businesses are getting looted and burned, some of them are my acquaintances. I’ve been going through all types of emotions throughout the day because of what’s happening in Jeppestown at the moment.

Can Someone Realistically Bring Stromae To Southern Africa?

17 Apr


What’s the likelihood of bringing this dude to a non-Francophone country? Who knows someone at the Alliance ov da Francaise? Tell a friend to tell a friend to whisper into a homie’s ear and pass this thing around. Let’s make it happen people, we need Stromae in life nje.

*Stromae will be touring through Francophone African states between May and June. Keep up by liking his Facebook page. (H/T rapper Angel Mutoni on Facebook)


#Listening | Herbie Tsoaeli – African Time

9 Apr


For bra Peter Makurube…

Objects Are Better To Photograph…

8 Apr


People are tricky because they can tell you if they don’t like an image of them you took.

#Listening | Sun Ra – Fireside Chat with Lucifer

4 Apr
(Image via Youtube)

(Image via Youtube)

C’maan man, you WANT to listen this album from that title alone. Sample lyric on the opening joint “Nuclear war“: You can kiss your ass goodbye/ farewell. The mighty Sun-Ra and his Arkestra, future!


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