#Fotografi | Msaki For Mail&Guardian…

Kwanele Sosibo, aka the gahd-awesome-supreme, flexed as per usual in his profile on the East London-based powerball hustler ye-kudala, the amazing Msaki. I took the image during the Joburg sessions of her album recording late 2014, at Sumo Studios. “A really sensitively, well-written article,” is how she described it. It’s available to read here. Msaki’s […]

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#PhotographingRap | Fifi Cooper

Fifi Cooper’s just won a couple of Metro FM Awards over the weekend. Bakang’s written a cool article about her for the African Hip Hop Blog. I took the images below during her performance at Maftown Heights 2015; they form part of #PhotographingRap, an on-going series of images featuring African hip hop performers and the audiences who attend […]

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#Fotos | Welkom 2da Trephawz

Welkom 2da Trephawz is the stylized writing of “Welcome to the trap house”. The series is inspired by the work I’ve done with rapper Youngsta around Hillbrow in Johannesburg; by my love for trap music; and by a desire to see how I can render the experience of listening to trap music using photos of […]

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