For Bonzaya, Till We Meet Again…

My man Bonzaya passed away following some circumstances last year. These pictures were shot a few months before he left, on our way back to Cape Town CBD following a rehearsal with Youngsta. I’ve been sitting on these images for what seems like eternity, wondering what’s going to become of them. Photographing people’s difficult; they die and […]

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A Call To Action: Would You Buy These?

Yo! At the moment, I don’t feel that there’s anyone willing to pay for great, cutting-edge African writing that isn’t about politics. Music, for me, has always been a great place to write about intersections — socio-political issues; culutral issues; spiritual issues — not only on the African continent, but worldwide. I’m interested in experimenting with […]

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#Throwback | Str.Crd 2014

I decided to roam the underground parking lot that was Str.Crd in 2014 capturing captivating faces, some of whom I’ve made good acquaintances with. Here are a couple of them speaking about what creative projects they were involved with at that time. Deejay; slave to love ushering the dancefloor towards a better tomorrow. Currently: “[Busy […]

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