#Throwback | Str.Crd 2014

I decided to roam the underground parking lot that was Str.Crd in 2014 capturing captivating faces, some of whom I’ve made good acquaintances with. Here are a couple of them speaking about what creative projects they were involved with at that time. Deejay; slave to love ushering the dancefloor towards a better tomorrow. Currently: “[Busy […]

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#Throwback | Nyameko

This is Nyameko. He’s a tumpeterAmong many things. He played in the band Impande Core, now-defunct. He’s also jammed with M.anifest when he was in South Africa, and he’s the only other person I know of besides myself whose passion for hats matches the range of merchandise he possesses. Namanje!

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It’s a place I call home. The people whose businesses are getting looted and burned, some of them are my acquaintances. I’ve been going through all types of emotions throughout the day because of what’s happening in Jeppestown at the moment.

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