The Tale Of Disser Disser…

Lesotho hip-hop has found a worthy contender for its first critic. Disser Disser, an elusive facebook character of whom I’ve just learnt about this morning, is a straight-talking, no-holds-barred, keyboard-savvy observer who’s taken full advantage of the web’s ubiquity (and relative¬†anonymity) to, for example, respond to rappers’ invitations to their recording sessions with the statement […]

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Lesotho Hip Hop In 2013

Lesotho’s rap scene is undergoing immense growth at the moment. The level of interest from the general public is at the highest it’s ever been, a prospect which has attracted some form of investment from the corporate sector. While emcees have always been releasing music, it’s only been in the past two years that a […]

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Basali Remix

This could be the most hilariously sexist song to ever come out of Lesotho’s hip-hop scene. Everything about it seems designed to offend feminist ideals, from the all-male make-up of the song – yes, Lesotho hip-hop still lacks strong female presence in 2013 – to the lyrical content (sample lyric *translated*: “women, don’t even deny/ […]

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The Library

I got to hang out with an amazing bunch of producer friends about two weeks ago. Besides taking a few snaps, I managed to capture golden moments on film. One includes Sanhedrin getting uber-excited when someone (I forget who exactly) mentioned that they had a bunch of samples to give away. I even managed to […]

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